1: What is included in my order? 
Your order comes with Snap Weave cap, A 6.5 feet strips,and a micro locks. 

2: What is Micro Locks ? 
Micro Locks is a tiny nylon Zip Ties. 

3: How do I attach my hair using Miro Locks? 
Please click on this link to watch a full tutorial for this process. https://youtu.be/C0qXrb9rsa0 

4: Can I use adhesive to attach my hair on the strips? 
Yes, you attach your hair on the strips using any hair bonding glue, please click on the link for a full tutorial https://youtu.be/CkN0MIF07zo 

5: Is snap Weave a Wig? 
Snap Weave is nothing like a wig. Wigs are not made in a natural flow of human head,with wigs, the choice of hair and length is already made for you, you cannot interchange the length, color or volume of your hair. Wigs are not properly secured to your head, The materials used for wigs are too harsh on your cuticles thereby causing excessive scalp sweat,itchy scalp and hair loss. Snap Weave gives you control, snap weave is a complete opposite of a wig. 

6: Can I sew Snap Weave On? 
Yes you can stitch or crochet your Snap Weave around the perimeter of your braid. 

7: Can I exchange/switch different hair on Snap Weave cap? 
Yes you can remove your bonded hair using a bonding glue remover, wash/condition and air dry your strips and attach on a new hair on the same strips. You can also cut and remove your micro locked hair from the strips and attach a new hair on the same strips. 

8: Can I purchase hair or lace closure along with caps? 
We will launch our hair on or before December 2016. 

9: What type of hair will you offer? 
We will offer 100% virgin Brazilian and Malaysian hair in textures straight,wavy,deep wavy and curly. Our hair will come with snaps already attached to it. With Proper care, Our hair will last up to 1 yr. 

10: Is snap weave Heavy?
No Snap weave weighs nothing on a scale. 
11: Can do I install Snap Weave?
Snap weave is very easy to install, please click on this link for a full tutorial https://youtu.be/mKVOL-5DkvQ 

12: Can I wash my Snap Weave? 
Yes, you can wash and condition your Snap Weave. If you attached your hair using a bonding glue, please be mindful when washing because bonding glue is not a permanent hair attachment solution however, if you attach your hair using micro locks, you should be fine. 

13: Do I have to Cut My weave During Snap Weave install? 
For a flat and natural flow of your hair extensions, I strongly suggest that you cut your weave during install. You can always put your hair exactly where it suppose to go. Cutting your weft during a weave install also helps to eliminate tension around your edges. Please promote healthy edges. 

14: How Long does Snap Weave Cap last? 
With Proper care, Snap Weave Cap can last up to 1 yr. 

15: How many hairstyles can I achieve using snap weave? 
You can achieve unlimited hairstyles using just one Snap Weave cap. Simply remove the attached hair and add in a new one, you can also purchase multiple strips to help speed up the process of adding new hair on the strips. 

16: Is Snap Weave Secured? 
Snap Weave Is guaranteed to stay secured thru your entire wear. You can also wear it in a high or low ponytail. 

Please note! The longevity of Snap Weave product depends on individuals personal interactions in handling of the product. We do our best t o provide you the best quality product and experience but cannot guarantee the outcome/result based on individuals daily activities. 

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