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My name is Gloria!!

As a hair stylist I Love doing weave but I do not enjoy the amount of time it took to install it,

Sometimes I ran out of thread and had to send one of my stylists to the beauty supply or I go get it myself, threading those tiny holes on those needle makes my eyes hurt and it frustrates me so much to the point that I wanted a change.

I often get a call from clients suffering from hair loss but wants their hair to look good, they often come in to my salon feeling very inferior and self-conscious, even thou I offered private service for those clients but they still don’t  like the fact they must take their scarf off in other  for me to work on their hair.

When you sew in a weave the tension it creates from having to stich thru most of the braids, Most of the time you find yourself leaving a hair salon with headache or taking pills before sitting for a weave, your threads loosens and start breaking after couple weeks of install which requires another sitting and money spend for a re tight.

Most of the time women find themselves sitting for hours waiting on their turn to get a weave, this is the time you could spend doing something else that will benefit you and your family. Sometimes we end up with the worst weave, looking like a wig, tracks showing, lumps and bumps, Bad Lace Closures, and more.

I also wanted to spend more time with my 4 little ones and doing 3 weaves a day takes almost 12 to 14 hours of my time depending on what each client requires.

One day I decided enough is enough. I wanted to solve all this problems once and for all. So I decided to bring back an idea I had as a 16 yr old doing hair but wanted to create a way to make it faster,

This was how Snap weave was born.

Snap weave allows individual’s/ novice or stylist to put together a weave hair style under 10 minutes!  Without Thread or Glue. Create a u- part, lace closure, Partial install, One part option, and more with Snap weave, all you have to do is snap on and snap off whenever you’re ready for a new look, If you’re in love with not leaving any hair out, grab Our Snap weave full unit, All you need is one unit to create Dozens of hair styles, simply order the hair and closure of your choice and start Snapping like a pro.

If you love to leave your hair out for multiple parting, grab our Snap weave U-part unit, all you need is one unit to create Dozens of hair styles, simply order the hair of your choice and start Snapping like a pro. Snap weave is made with my love for weaves and hair extensions, when it comes to extensions, I love flexibility, Snap weave gives you the option to just purchase one unit and create multiple look please refer to Our video. !!!Watch me create Multiple Hair style using one snap unit!! This video will educate and blow your mind away. The possibility of Snap weave is endless.

Snap weaves needs only 10 minutes of your time!! You will create a fabulous weave that looks like you got your install by the best.

 You have the option to either wear Snap weave as a wig or as a sew in.

As a sew in, simply sew around your Snap unit and start Snapping. As a wig sit your Snap weave unit on a Styrofoam head and Snap your way to a professional finish look.

Snap weave is changing the way women wear weave, the time and money we spend getting weaves.  There’s nothing like this in the world. Snap weaves stays secured, no need to make another trip to that beauty supply store for anymore threads and needles. All You need is One needle and a small thread to sew in your Snap weave and no thread or needle to wear as a wig.

This is a one stop shop, to Use Snap weave unit; you must purchase snap weave hair. we’ve created different prices based on the type of hair, the length of hair and the amount of hair you need, If you’ve purchase snap weave unit in the past and just need  another hair to go with your unit, please click  on the !! Shop Hair!! Remember to select the option of the type of unit you are shopping hair for.

If this is your first time, please visit shop and select snap weave kit; there you will see your options.


Please Note!! All orders placed before Snap weave crowd funding will be shipped first, crowd funding is expected to go live in February, Snap weave will launch in March, make sure you create an account so we can send you updates.

Shipping Starts May 2015!!

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