This Offer Comes With Our Virgin Brazilian Hair collection with Snap Weave Cap. All Hair Comes With Snaps Already Attached. All Caps Are One Size Fits All!



Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included
Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included

Virgin Brazilian Hair body wave Collection! U-Part Cap Included


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Name : Elbony Perks
Review Message : Look this shit better be some good ass hair or iim suing y'all
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Jessica queens
Review Message : my name is Jessica queens I purchased snap weave recently for $240 which comes with their closure cap, 4x4 lace closure and 2 bundles of hair 14/16". I am super excited as this is the best decision I ever made. this is my first time of trying to do my own hair and it took literary 18 minutes to complete my install. omg. and to top it up, it look so super flat. I also received a small band I think is called weave Grip. which I looked up on YouTube and followed it to amazon just to see how much this thing cost, it was almost $21 and I got it for free I also receive a small cream free, I applied this cream very close to my hair line and then put the band around it, when I tell you, this unit didn't move out of my head, wow..... is been almost 4 days and it still on my head, I didn't have to take it off and on. let me mention this, the cap also comes with this beautiful well thought double side Velcro In the back which I used to officially secure this baby on my bald head. lol
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : B seLlers
Review Message : Great hair innovative idea
Ratings : 4 Stars

Name : Virginia
Review Message : This is by far the most innovational product in hair industry today. i received my 14/16 inch body wave with 12 inch closure, the hair is very soft and full on each weft. it was also cut in sections with numbers on it so it was very easy for me to install. I am 58 yrs old and it took me about 23 minutes max to finish the whole install. The adjustable velcro in the back is a wonderful idea,it helped me to secure the cap to my satisfaction. I had to trim it a little because it was touching my hair, other than that everything is way more than I expected. I look like a super star, am so happy I gave this product a chance, I will be purchasing again and recommending it as well. Thank you Jennifer King.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Josephine
Review Message : This review is about the customer service I received from this company. I purchased 14/16 inch bodywave with closure which I was excited about however unfortunetely, I lost my job and had no more means of income. I called this company and spoke to Ms Jennifer King her self, This woman as so nice she gave me chils. She made sure she refunded my money with no questions asked. I am so amazed by her friendly and down to earth personality. I will def purchase this prodcut as soon as I get another job. God Bless..
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Ada
Review Message : Amazingggggggg!! I did my uinstall in about 12 minutes and it looks flawless. No bumps No lumps and i can touch my scalp.. No more sew ins and sweaty wig for me...
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : bosse
Review Message : Rating this product 1000% and if you have anything negative to say about this product, your brain needs surgery. My hair looks wonderful, install took me about 20 minutes, i was cook at the same time too. Make sure to install your closure first and put your hands in-between each roll during your install just as the young lady said in her video. Fantastic Product.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Ladybomb
Review Message : Can you bleach and dye it?
Ratings : 3 Stars

Name : April Broad
Review Message : I like the whole idea of the snapweave. I got mines in a good length of time. And I put it together in no time. But I do not like the color or length of my hair. I oder black hair and it came in two different colors. I cried when I put it on and looked at the final touches. This is my first time ordering this hair. I do like the snapweave but I don't like the hair I chosen.
Ratings : 2 Stars

Name : Princess Omolara
Review Message : My first time buying this for a try and I'm loving it. No more waiting at the salon for hours to get a sew in. Just snap it and off you go in less than 15 minutes. I think I made the right decision.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Patricia W.
Review Message : I am in love. This is such an innovative, extraordinary, sensational, fabulous and revolutionary idea!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking so cute and getting all kinds of compliments. Not one to wear dark hair, I had it professionally colored and it is perfect. I was so tired of wigs and now I don't have to wear them any more. Additionally, I can add or subtract as I desire. This idea is going to spread like wildfire. Wish I had thought of it. Godspeed Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEN STARS.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Nicole west
Review Message : I luv this u can do what u want when u want javenot brought one yet but next month I going buy one I get tried of going too these hair store buying this high hair that's not right or don't last long. So u will be hearing frome very soon thank u for share the videos I luv the and its so easy to watch how u do it.xoxo
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : CheLea
Review Message : I am a cancer patient and have been looking for something that isn't gonna make my head hot (chemo patients will understand what I mean), wigs are too heavy and sew-ins don't last because of baldness or hair thinning. I am trying to wait for a sale because due to cancer, I am now unemployed. I really will try this as soon as I am able to afford it. Great job creating this amazing product Jennifer. I have watched every one of your videos and I'm super excited to try it out.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : CheLea
Review Message : I am a cancer patient and this seems like the perfect thing for me. I am unemployed due to cancer, so my money is funny right now, but just as soon as I am able, I will be purchasing this system. Thanks Jennifer for creating this wonderful system.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : cboonurse
Review Message : I will be back first order
Ratings : 3 Stars

Name : Rhondaglam
Review Message : Havent ordered yet but loving it
Ratings : 3 Stars

Name : Tivian Davis
Review Message : I need to know if the hair is real so I can dye it. If NOT I'm not buying
Ratings : 2 Stars

Name : Mariama
Review Message : I have watched many review on wig making and have not bee successful. This takes all the guess work out of the equation and keeps money in my pocket. I applaud you for inventing this for people in my situation and for anyone who need this in their life. The hair is beautiful and soft. The only I would want i's the adhesive and my life would be complete (as far as sew in lol) Will continue to be a custome. Thanks again for being an innovator!!
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Puzza
Review Message : I cab5 rwview somerhin i hacebt hwd js
Ratings : 3 Stars

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