This Offer Comes With Our Virgin Brazilian Hair collection,Snap Weave Cap & 4x4 Lace Closure Included. All Hair & Closures Comes With Snaps Already Attached. All Caps Are One Size Fits All!


Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Wave Collection! Cap & Lace Closure Included
Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Wave Collection! Cap & Lace Closure Included Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Wave Collection! Cap & Lace Closure Included Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Wave Collection! Cap & Lace Closure Included Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Wave Collection! Cap & Lace Closure Included

Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Wave Collection! Cap & Lace Closure Included


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Name : Alizbat
Review Message : Haven't made a purchase yet but its is really awesome product i ever seen yet just going to order it now... Amazing Idea
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Keekee
Review Message : I have not tried it yet...first time ordering
Ratings : 4 Stars

Name : joey johns
Review Message : Cool product i have ever seen and tried
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Barbara
Review Message : Haven't tried the hair yet. I just ordered it.
Ratings : 3 Stars

Name : sheelay
Review Message : Amazing product i ever received i am loving it..
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Fairyy
Review Message : wow all i can say it very cool product i ever have , Would love to try it on my friends, family and clients.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Jonia
Review Message : Everything thats in the pic is included i really loving it too much
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Lulu
Review Message : I will review this hair once I receive it.(ppl you have to leave a review before it will let you move on.)
Ratings : 3 Stars

Name : Chinky eyes
Review Message : Just ordered the hair. Will do a review when I install
Ratings : 4 Stars

Name : Sexy Diamond
Review Message : I haven'the order the hair yet. When I do I will respond later.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Sherri
Review Message : Do you sell the snap wig cap by it self?
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Name
Review Message : Don't know haven't used yet looks promising. Don't like review insisting should be voluntary not mandatory.
Ratings : 1 Stars

Name : Diana
Review Message : Absolutely awesome product. The here is excellent quality. The system is simple to install. I absolutely love it and I will recommend to anybody and everybody to order a snapweave system.
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Lashunda
Review Message : I have not tried this hair before but I'm going to try it !!
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Brown Sugar
Review Message : Sounds good. Cant review what I have not received. I will review once I have the product and process. I'm excited.
Ratings : 3 Stars

Name : Dee
Review Message : Can't leave a review yet. Haven't received the hair yet.
Ratings : 4 Stars

Name :
Review Message : Will be placing a order soon,
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Patricia
Review Message : This product is Everything. It literally took me 15 minutes to install and am in love especially the way it falls on my face awesome. Quick tip. Make sure your put your finger in-between to grab the snaps on the cap before meeting them to the hair it works and you will be rolling and styling in minutes. Am ordering another one. Am glad I did try this. Giving it a 10 starts if I could..
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Yona
Review Message : Love it will make doing my hair easy and feeling confident as any women should with alooeci will be ordering in a week when I get paid very excited
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Mae Tezeno
Review Message : have not seen or try the product yet,just ordered
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Evelyn
Review Message : I ordered my hair last month and had my hair dresser to put it on the cap of me. I was excited because it took me 4 months to finally buy it. But I have had the hair in now almost 2 wks and I have gotten so many compliments on the hair and the hair on me. However my hairdresser stated she had a time getting the hair snap because the snaps are so small. When she installed the cap on my hair we both notice that the closure is a different texture from the bundles. The closure snaps I've on one side I can't seem to get in the snap. The snap in the front were the closure is keeps digging in my skin it's hard to move it I put a cotton ball. No shedding at all I braid the hair up and night and wear a head scarf. I will not be cutting this hair it's great quality hair. I will be buying more shorter length so I can wear my signature bob look as well. Great product thank you for coming up with it a life saver from sew ins ...
Ratings : 5 Stars

Name : Billy
Review Message : Purchasing though a mandatory review before receiving the product of completing the transaction rather is ridiculous.
Ratings : 3 Stars

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