Dissolve Weave Grip Cream

Dissolve Weave Grip Cream

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Looking to secure your lace frontal all day without compromising the health of hair? Our Dissolve Grip Cream has been tested and proven to work like a charm.

This all natural cream not only secures your lace wig, it also grows your hair containing Castrol Oil-  For Hair Growth

Peppermint extract - For itching and exfoliation

Rosemary Oil-For Hair Growth

Rice Oil - For Hair Growth

Palm Kernel Oil and more.

Many women experience hair loss due to the use of harsh chemicals.Our Dissolve Grip Cream gives you up to 72 hours hold without ripping off your edges.

This cream can easily be removed with plain water and leaves no flaky residue on your lace.

We Guarantee our Dissolve Grip Cream to work or send it back even completely used for a full refund

How To

1: Apply around your perimeter

2: Wait for about 3 minutes

3. Apply your frontal and tie down with a scarf or hair band for up to 10 minutes

4. Remove with water


Please Note: Our Dissolve Grip Cream is made of essential oil as a result, it may freeze or melt depending on the weather.Please store in a fridge to maintain its texture, you can also microwave for about 2 second if the texture becomes extremely thick. Do not microwave our sample pack. Please remove the lid on our cream jars before microwaving.