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About Us

About Us



My name is Jennifer!!

Allow me to introduce myself…
I’m Jennifer, a professional hair stylist based in Atlanta, GA.
I’m also a mom, an inventor, and someone who’s passionate about you wearing the hair
you need to confidently walk into any room. And now?


Why am I for you?

BECAUSE you’re beautiful with beautiful hair. But you don’t want to always sit in a
salon for 2 – 3 hours or start getting ready 2 hours before you leave to go somewhere.
BECAUSE you want the flexibility to change your hair when you want (even if it’s
everyday) the same as celebrities like Beyonce do, even if you don’t have a personal
BECAUSE maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on your hair, but you still want
quality hair that’s going to last you more than a few weeks and not get frizzy in the rain.

I help you have beautiful hair without spending tons of time, tons of money, or losing
any quality.

From the time you wake up, to heading into the office, church, or a night out with your
girls, I’ll have you full of “hair confidence” faster than you’ve ever been! So no matter
where you’re headed or how little time you have, you never have to have a “bad hair
day” again.
BEST PART: You don’t have to come sit in my chair for hours. I’ll send your hair to

Ready for your beautiful hair?

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Here’s what clients have to say.

Easy to Care For. I do everything in it.

“I absolutely love this system. It feels so real, it looks so real, & it’s easy to care for. I
wash it and it seems to perform even better the more I wash it. I wear it all day, I sleep in it, and
exercise in it. I do everything in it. It feels like my very own hair growing out of my head. It’s
lightweight too. I recommend this system to everyone. It does not feel like a wig, it does not look like
a wig. it feels natural as though it is my very own hair.” – Diana Lyn Nichols

“5 Star. I love this concept.

“The quality of this hair is 5 star. I’m amazed at how well it washes without
tangles or shedding and it dries with luster, shine, and bounce. The tracks are

perfectly placed to where the hair is layered and does not rise, tangle.and bunch up on the back of
your neck… The cap is open so that scalp can breathe and feels light on my head. I love this
concept.” – Stacy Tucker

The hair is soft and silky. No shedding.

“I received my snap weave on this past Saturday. I absolutely love it. It’s
awesome. It’s beautiful. The hair is soft and silky. No shedding. What a great

invention and investment.” – Jaime McRae

Easy to install. 10 stars if I could.

“I bought the entire straight hair system and I love it!!! It’s easy to install and the hair is a GREAT
texture! Feel free to ask me any questions about it. I would give it 10 stars if I could.” – Demessa

Amazing. Recommend to everyone I know.


“The quality of the hair is amazing, no shedding whatsoever. Took me few minutes
to glam my hair. They also sent me their cream which I used to secure my unit. I
will def recommend this product to everyone i know.” – Alea Adamson

Love love this hair. No frizz no problem.

“The hair is so full and bouncy. The snaps snap on very easily as well as the
closures. Love.. love this hair ..no frizz no problem.” – Shaunice Johnson

Want to know more About Me?

Here are 10 random facts:

1. If you ask my mom how long I’ve been doing hair, she says I was born with a piece of hair in my hand. I used to run to the neighbors’ houses to do hair instead of doing chores at home. So even as a little girl, I chose to do hair (and get whippings) over doing chores.

2. As a child I also used to have conversations with homeless people who lived nearby. And I used to sneak food to the people who lived in the dumpster (Yes, they lived in the dumpster.)

3. It makes me extremely upset to see women with bad hairstyles from professional stylists. So much so that I used to offer Free Hair Services on Mondays where women could come see me at the salon and get their hair fixed for free.

4. My 6-year old daughter was born with sickle-cell disease. Once, we spent almost 2 months in the hospital + recovery time. That’s why I started to develop SnapWeave. Because my clients wanted me to do their hair, but I needed to be with my daughter.

5. I used to start removing my weave in public if it was too itchy, irritating, and I was ready for it to come out. This is before SnapWeave. 🙂

6. I am impatient.

7. I am “overly honest”! If there is such a thing. My mom always told me my honesty is going to get me killed. But I can’t help myself.

8. I love hair. It actually soothes me, calms me down, and also helps me be really creative.

9. I LOVE HELPING WOMEN! I love helping battered women. I love helping homeless women. Most of all, my goal is to employ women who don’t have a home so they can afford to get their own homes.

10. And at the same time, I want to help you…help you LOOK and FEEL your absolute best with beautiful hair, all the time! Are you ready? Click here to get your SnapWeave.



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