1. What are the snaps made of? 
Our snaps are made of nylon.
2. Are the snaps heavy? 
Our snaps are very light, there’s no weight.
3. Are the snaps safe for my hair and travel purposes?
Our snaps are completely safe both for your hair and your travel purposes.
4. Can I wash my snap weave unit? 
You can wash your unit as often as you desire, we recommend twice a month.
5. Are the snaps secure?
Our snaps are very secure and will withstand any pull.
6. How many bundles of hair do I need for a full install?
We offer 2 or 3 bundles of hair, our hair are customized to fit our cap regardless of the option you choose. However, the density of 3 bundles is thicker than the density of 2 bundles.
7. Can I purchase only cap and use my own hair?
Yes you can definitely purchase our cap without hair. There are a few steps you have to take to attach your own hair unto our cap.Our cap comes with 15 sets of numbered strips which contains the second part of our snaps.
Step1: Glue or sew your hair unto the strips.
Step2: Repeat steps until done. If the bundles you’re using are thin, please double your weft for fuller look.
8. I don’t want to leave any of my hair out, should I purchase the U-part cap?
No, U-part caps are for individuals that wants to leave some of their natural hair out at the part area.Please purchase our closure caps if you don’t want to leave any of your hair out.
9. Can I inter-change hair on one cap?
Yes, with one cap, you can inter-change hair and lengths as often as you want.

Dissolve Grip

1. Is Dissolve Grip safe to use?
yes, our cream is made of all natural extracts.
2. How long does one application last?
Each application can last up to 2 weeks as long as you wear sweat bands during,and 5-10 minutes after any exercise.
3. What sweat band do you recommend?
We offer a silicone based sweat band, you can purchase this by visiting our accessories page. You can use any sweat band that works for you.
4. How do I remove Dissolve Grip?
Simply wet your hair with plain water, massage ur scalp for about 2 minutes, remove your unit. Wash your hair with Your desired conditioner.
5. Will Dissolve Grip leave any residue on my hair/unit?
No, Dissolve leaves no residue on your hair/unit.

 Wig Grip

1. What is Wig Grip?
Wig grip is a band that goes under your weave to help protect edges while you wear any full unit.
2. Do I need a Wig Grip?
We recommend a wig grip especially if you’re wearing full units or 4/4 lace closures.
3. I have a 360 frontal do I still need a Wig Grip?
This is completely optional.

360 Frontal

1. What size is your 360 frontal?
Our 360 Frontals are 5/3″ 11/22″
2. What density is your 360 frontal?
Our density is 150.
3. What is the difference between a silk and lace frontal?
silk frontal requires no bleaching,the knots are completely invisible.
Our lace frontals comes with bleached knots. Lace frontals sheds over time.