Virgin Peruvian Straight
Virgin Peruvian Straight

Virgin Peruvian Straight

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Natural Black

2 Bundles 3.8oz

3 Bundle 11.9oz

Our 100% Virgin Peruvian Hair is extremely luxurious with think and shiny fiber. Peruvian hair is very similar to Brazilian hair but has thicker fiber which makes it stand a very high heat temperature.

Our Peruvian Straight is what we call a 360 styling in a bundle. This luxurious hair can transform into multiple textures without compromising it's original texture.If you're use to running your fingers through your hair or maybe you a partner that enjoys playing with your hair,This texture is what you need. 

This product comes with snaps on the hair and cap.Our numbered cap is attached in the middle part of this Frontal to allow easy install. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Hair Come With Snaps? Yes.

Does This Come With Snap Weave Caps? No this is hair only.

How Long Does Our Hair Last? Our hair can last from 9 up to 24 months depending on how well you take care of it.

Can I Color Or Bleach It? Yes We recommend a deep conditioning process after bleaching or coloring.

Can I Apply Heat On My Extensions? Yes,We recommend using a low temperature to avoid heat damage which will compromise the original texture/pattern of your hair. Always use a heat-protectant before heat styling.